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Reforestation projects usually cover large areas (tens, even hundreds or thousands of hectares). The intervention zones are sometimes difficult to access. The delivery of plants and teams is done with special equipment, sometimes on foot. Logistics therefore takes on a particular importance. In addition, lack of water and irrigation or irrigation on site makes this type of project particularly difficult.

Pine plant - 4800 feet high

Setif, Algeria – 4800 feet high

AGROBIOTEK-INGENIERIE Solutions and its partners can help you identify priority areas and the most appropriate action plans. The substrates supplied by AGROBIOTEK-INGENIERIE Solutions will be adapted to these environmental conditions.

This was for example the case in Setif, Algeria, where we intervened to reforest mountains at 1600m altitude. Rainfall is very low in this region. It happens sometimes 8 months without rain. Pine plants planted in a local GELVITER + soil mixture were particularly resistant to drought and cold, compared to those planted with the usual methods.

Thanks to our solutions, it is also possible to plant seeds directly, rather than plants. The results are excellent. This approach reduces intervention time, simplifies logistics, and avoids transplantation, which is a stress factor for the plant.

You have a reforestation project and you wish to ask us about how we could collaborate?

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