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A customized BIO solution for crops in arid or semi-arid countries

GELVITER, under patented technology, is a product composed of pure water, a hydroabsorbant and biological inputs to promote the development of microorganisms. Its composition is personalized according to the factors that characterize the different areas to be treated (nature of the soil, climate, resources, population …), and the objectives defined for these areas (reforestation, soil stabilization, animal feed, human nutrition)

GELVITER is completely biodegradable in soils. Performance of the GELVITER is fantastic.

Depending on the crops, it allows:
✴ to multiply the returns by a factor x2, x3 or x4
✴ save up to 95% of irrigation water!
✴ save money on fertilizers and pesticides

The interest of GELVITER  is to be able to restore crops on completely arid lands. The culture starts with pure water already available. Agrobiotek has developed a high level of control of hydroabsorbants. This resulted in Agrobiotek finding the scientific solutions which finally make possible the use of hydroabsorbants in cultures without undesirable effects.

GELVITER will promote the development of a rich land, allow a development of plants without stress while ensuring an optimum yield.

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