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Agrobiotek Solutions has been founded by Karim KOHILY (hydrolog) with two partners, Dominique Faty (engineer from ICPI/CPE, France) et Kamal Aït Messaoud (expert in international trade).

Five years of R&D were necessary to develop the concept of the product, the customization process and the manufacturing process. The solutions now on the market has been tested successfully on the field in real conditions in the past years in several countries : Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Algeria, Morocco.

The lastest campaigns has been made in partnership with INRA Morocco and Moulay Ismayl University in Meknes to provide an independant validation of the results. Tests were focused on productivity gain in cultures (yield increase, water resources diminution). They also adressed absence of toxicity for the environment, animals, and humans.

For Agrobiotek Solutions, 2017 is the year of recognition by the international community. Agrobiotek Solutions was invited to take part in the COP22 in Marrakech (Morocco), and in the COP13 in Ordos (China). Agrobiotek Solutions has been accredited by the UN and the NEPAD  as an official technical partner for fight against soil desertification.


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