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Agrobiotek Solutions and its partners intervene on agricultural issues at several levels:

  • help to define the types of crop (food mix, animal feed, proportions of land, type of seeds to use, local as much as possible, etc.)
  • help to improve farming methods (taking into account and optimizing local resources, sharing best practices while taking into account traditions)
  • specification and supply of soil amendments adapted to the soil and seeds, for a better growth of plants and an optimal use of the resources, according to the objectives sought
  • selection of seeds, giving priority to seeds that are naturally adapted to the terroir

Our goal is to restore the potential and the conditions of autonomous plant life in the intervention zones, by maximizing natural resources. By doing this, using the same methods, we are also able to significantly increase yields.

We are always very careful not to exhaust the soil, the opposite of intensive agriculture. We respect nature, its natural cycles, and its balance.

You have an agricultural project and you wish to ask us about how we could collaborate?

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